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...ideas for site and time specific

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Dots and short lines, 2022

They are just dots and short lines that are randomly distributed in boxes that are also randomly established, on colors from other artists' palettes.
When a condition occurs, the box and palette are changed.

here to see it

Notturno, 2022

The splinters that are arranged randomly on the black aim to reveal a face emerging from the darkness. They have five minutes to complete their task: will they succeed? And whose face will it be?

SpaceBar: to change the modules.

Esc: to clean the screen.

Arrow Left an Right: to change the time of the process

here to see

Fiat lux..., 2022

...and no gods around.

here to...

Schneider's stripes, 2022

Below this grid of lines that seem to move due to the wind, the colors of a dozen (artfully distorted) paintings by Gerard Schneider (1896-1986) alternate.
Every five seconds we have small color shifts and every minute the grid pitch changes.

When a condition occurs, the painting under the grid changes.

SpaceBar: to change the modules.

Esc: to change the colors.


Hundreds of squares, 2022

Below what you see is a painting that is not mine, from which the program randomly steals the palette and distributes it on the modules that are seen, of varying numbers from time to time.

The tempo of each section is variable, generally very slow. When only one of the elements touches the lower or upper edge, the whole thing restarts.

The continuous sound also plays its part, adapting to the slowness of the situation.

Always different, at different times.


Gliss studio, 2022

Small study on the glissato, on the use of the three main wave forms and some variations of them.

Each panel stands on its own. Change the speed of appearance of the colored bars, the delay response, etc.

There are only four colors.

The frequency range is very limited, from 30 to 220 Hz.


Summer stars and lines, 2022

Two sound situations have the opportunity to overlap, to be heard individually or to leave room for silence: who decides one or the other? The occurrence of an event that we will not be able to see; a black line.

The event in question will allow a new mapping of this presumed sky.


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